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At The Physio Room Raglan, we believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why we offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function. Read on to find out more.


ACC registered

At The Physio Room Raglan, we hear your story and take a detailed history. Then we create an individualised treatment plan including aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.  Our experience means we are good at getting an accurate diagnosis and can then choose the correct treatment approach.


ACC eligible

We use acupuncture to compliment our treatment when indicated. All of our therapists are trained to do acupuncture so you are in safe hands.  This may qualify for ACC funding if you've had a recent injury.

Raglan Wellness Retreat-125.jpg

Every Monday at 5:30pm at The Rehab Studio: 15 Te Ahiawa Rd, Raglan.

This is an intermediate class taken by Jenny, a STOTT Pilates trained instructor who is also a physiotherapist. Modifications can be made to suit your individual needs. Everyone is welcome.


Eligible for ACC funding

If you want a truly personalised exercise program to help strengthen vital core and postural muscles, try 1:1 or 2:1 reformer pilates.  Overseen by a qualified physiotherapist to give you the ultimate strengthening and rehabilitation experience.


Eligible for some ACC funding

Physiotherapy treatment of Pelvic and Women's health conditions such as pre and post-natal conditions, birth injuries, incontinence, pelvic pain, diastasis, and much more.

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